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From time to time we have events at The Fox & Hounds including the ancient English custom of a Plough Play every Christmas. We also have selected menus for Mothering Sunday, Father’s Day and Valentine’s and little parties throughout the year for saints days and national celebrations. Christmas is always popular and our menu is usually available around September time, New Year’s Eve brings a gourmet menu and live music

We don’t have satellite but do show some sport in Fox’s Den if it’s on terrestrial TV. Rugby, cricket and football are the usual favourites but do get your seat early or you’ll be propping up the bar for the whole game.

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Mummers Play or “Plough Bullocking”

In the early 1920’s the boys from the Bottoms would form their own team of Ploughbullocks, they would set out before 5pm to perform at the largest houses in the surrounding countryside. Their route took them via Haywood Oaks Farm, Little Tythe, Big Tythe, The Waterworks, Sansom Wood Farm, Seely’s School House, Cockcliffe Hill, the gatehouse of Ramsdale House on the Hill, Papplewick Waterworks, Blidworth Lodge to arrive back at the Bottoms about 10pm before closing time at the Fox and Hounds. On one memorable occasion when the team were near the Gatehouse a motor car stopped, it was Sir Hugh Seely who asked the boys what they were doing, and if they would perform at Ramsdale House. Once there, the boys found that all the servants had been mustered in the hallway to watch their performance. On its completion, plates of sandwiches and hot drinks were supplied, and Sir Hugh put a golden sovereign in their collecting hat, which, they later exchanged at the Fox and Hounds for coins of a smaller denomination, but of ‘greater value’.

The “Plough Play” is still performed in this house annually in January.